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A short introduction:

Robbert Buijs
Imagine you have to drive from A to B, in our case from Amsterdam to Beijing, and you have to pick someone to drive you there. Pick Robbert and you'll definetely drive the most dangerous, irresponsible, but most beautiful route. He is a born rally pilot. Even with his girlfriend in Tunesia, he conquered most of the Sahara desert in his rental car. His girlfriend had to stop him, or else he would have driven straight to Timbouctou...
His favourite car is the herby. Together with Jurjen he drove a herby to Dakar in 2005, as a contestant in the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge. Now he drives a '76 herby and he is currently building a herby that is specially preparated for the desert and long distances: a "Baja Herby".
Robbert is a fine guy who would never let you down. Going Dutch for him is the latest in a series of motorised challenges, a challenge where he can combine travelling with his other passion: music.

Wouter van Waning
"A neverending stretch of sand lays ahead of us. I see Wouter driving his bike, conquering the dunes. He is standing on his Honda XL, so he can absorb the hits from the camelgrass. The speed is high, very high...
The moment the sunset is making a perfect silhouette of Wouter, the foxtail attached to his helmet dancing in the wind, he puts one of his hands in the air and we can all hear the screams of pleasure and excitement coming from him. Wouter in his most favourite conditions..."

This is one of the many moments that I had with Wouter, and everytime it's a pleasure see him having fun. Both spontaneous and well thought, he is always making a mark on what he's doing. As one of the organisers of Going Dutch, he tries to make his and his friends' dreams come true. Together with Wouter there is enough energy and synergy to realise this project and make it a huge succes! -Jurjen

Wouter will make the journey to China on a 36 year old Moto Guzzi V7, one of the greatest tourbikes ever built. Italian passion, beautiful design and great construction. At the moment he is rebuilding the engine and painting the bike Going Dutch orange. In september, the bike will be driving and ready for the China adventure!

Jurjen Thomas
He was 16 when he bought his first herby and six years later it was finished. After this many travels where made all over Europe, with the trip to Dakar and The Gambia as the absolute highlight. Now he is working on the Baja project, making an unreal car that can conquer any terrain.
Jurjen is a real perfectionist and he is one of the organisers of Going Dutch. Although his life is quite busy, he finds enough time for this and enjoys the positive results of his work. But nothing of course beats the real trip and this is where his real passion lies: travelling and experiencing other cultures.
Straight after high school he left for Australia with Jan-Wessel (Team Dutch Dragons) and Wouter and drove some 30.000 kilometres in a Holden Commodore. After this he drove his thirty year old herby to Spain and Croatia and of course all through Africa.
Having Jurjen in the Going Dutch crew is an absolute enrichment. His technological knowledge is superb. But most of all he's a very nice guy... -Robbert

Team Cameltoe: three young men driving a Baja herby and a Moto Guzzi 'v7 motorbike from 1971. Check out our news items and foto galleries regularly for updates!

Click here to see the Team Cameltoe DVD "Sons of the Desert", a beautifil movie full of action and good music. After seeing the film there's only one option: buy a car or bike and head of to the most beautiful spots in the world!

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VW Beetle 'BAJA' & Moto Guzzi V7 Ambassador ' 71

Robbert Buijs, Wouter van Waning & Jurjen Thomas

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